IG: @AliCaliDesigns (Roller Derby Adult Coloring Book)

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Photo courtesy of IG: @bosque.lluvioso.
Photo courtesy of IG: @bosque.lluvioso.

(Condensed and edited for clarity.)

BARBARA: Things have been complicated here in Chile. Over the past few days, everything exploded with the proposed transit fare hikes. Public transportation is costly and people earn low wages. It was the last straw because here in Chile we have to deal with a lot of social injustices.

People were fed up and on Friday they began to protest the fare hike. But it was really due to several mounting issues. [For example,] the elderly receive 160,000 Chilean pesos [[approx $219 USD]] per month but they can’t survive on that. In fact, the suicide…

Magical Wheelism

Holding Space with Magical Wheelism podcast clears the floor for conversations that touch upon race, class, identity, and privilege in the skate world.

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